Seating solutions for many areas of life.

Co-working and home office. Individual office and room concept. Workplace and lounge area. Seating solutions by KÖHL cover many areas of life, take account of modern forms of work and know no limits in terms of their possible applications.


We enjoy success, but also have the courage to be adventurous.

We are aware of the limited nature of resources and are always looking for new ways to use them as sparingly as possible. We are passionately committed to these goals. We want to inspire, we want to pursuit and we firmly believe that the future should be challenged from time to time.


We want to improve the tried and tested, but we also always dare to try something completely new.

Every product that leaves our company is a statement of the standards we set for ourselves. Uncompromising quality in terms of care and production, but also a tangible empathy for the wishes and needs of the user. We reward our customers' trust with fair value and are only satisfied when we also inspire with creative, practical details.