Solutions for every area of life.

Co-working and home office. Individual office and room concept. Workplace and lounge area. Seating solutions by KÖHL cover every conceivable area of life. At the same time, we continue to provide technical and design impetus with our innovations: the patented KÖHL AIR-SEAT technology and the large number of designs that have received the German Design Award to date impressively underpin this claim.

Our new KONNEX, KARISMA, KONTAKT and KOLLEG product lines launched in 2022 consistently continue this history, taking it into new areas of application and thus creating even more ergonomically valuable design options in the working and living environments of our customers and partners.


Our self-image and our values.

Sitting healthier, experiencing design, feeling quality: perfect function, beautiful form and proven durability are the basis for everything we create - day after day and chair after chair. We live up to this claim by inspiring our employees and promoting, strengthening and expanding their individual potential. And secondly, by creating an environment in which the focus on sustainability is embedded from the outset.

This is why we place a high priority on saving energy and avoiding environmentally harmful processes right from the development process and investment decisions. The choice of materials ensures that they can later be recycled according to type, the service life of the chairs is extended thanks to the simple option of replacing wearing parts, local suppliers ensure extremely short transportation routes and our local infrastructure is consistently geared towards the careful use of resources. For example, we generate most of the electricity we need ourselves with our photovoltaic system: Every year, we not only produce durable and sustainable chairs, but also around 182,000 kilowatt hours of solar power.


Offering reliability, inspiring with innovation: Anyone who chooses a product from KÖHL should always be sure that we deliver uncompromising quality in terms of materials and manufacturing and reward our customers' trust with fair value. But it is just as important for us to keep the market on its toes. With creative details that demonstrate our empathy for the wishes and needs of users, with innovations and impulses that make our products relevant for new areas of use or life situations. Because only in this combination can we achieve our most important goal: to create exceptional seating solutions - for you.

The KÖHL range of services is expressly not aimed at consumers within the meaning of § 13 BGB (German Civil Code). All activities are documented by certificates for consistent quality and environmental management (ISO 9001 and 14001).



KÖHL stands for responsibility and passion. That is why KÖHL has been cooperating with a neighboring company, Werkstätten Hainbachtal, for over 15 years.

Under the guidance of specialist staff, the workshops at the Rödermark site carry out preparatory assembly work for KÖHL and thus provide a high-quality and very valuable contribution to our service provision. Our customers are always delighted when they visit the neighboring workshops as part of a factory tour at KÖHL. "It is a great pleasure to see how committed the Hainbachtal employees are to their work, of which they can be justifiably proud..." reports a specialist retail partner.

At four central locations in the Rhine-Main region, the Hainbachtal workshops provide various production and services for companies - including logistics from material delivery to goods delivery.

People with disabilities or mental illnesses work in the workshops under the guidance of specialist staff and - if necessary - with aids that are individually manufactured for the respective job. Care, patience and maximum motivation are among their strengths. The final inspection by specialist staff guarantees consistently high quality.