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1 Seat height adjustment

Continuously adjustable by pulling the slider on the right side

The correct seat height 1 depends on the length of your shank. A 90 to 100 degree angle is accurate.

2 Seat depth adjustement (STE)

By pulling the back slider on the left side beneath the seat, you can adapt the seat depth to your personal requirements.

3 Seat tilt adjustment System (DSN)

Selectable dynamic seat tilt adjustment System (DSN) on option

  • Basic adjustment 0°
  • Negative pelvis seat tilt -5°
  • Dynamique seat tilt 0° - 5°

4 Adaption to weight / Counter pressure of backrest

Via handwheel on the right side beneath the seat, you can adjust the tension of the backrest by turning it. Turn clockwise increases the pressure, turn counterclockwise reduces it.

5 Release of the synchronised movement

By pulling the front slider on the left side beneath the seat, you unlock the backrest. Pulling again, the slider can be locked in four different backrest positions.

The backrest should always be actively movable (permanent function). The only way to allow dynamic sitting!

6 Backrest height adjustment

By pulling up the back it can be adjust in height – 10 steps

7 Adjustable KÖHL-Lumbar-Support KBS® option optional

The Lumbar Support KBS® is adjustable via handwheel. Turn clockwise the vaulting of the backrest will be adapted exactly to the shape of your spine. This guarantees a supported, upright seating position.

The position and vaulting of the KÖHL-Lumbar-Support KBS® 3 is to be adjusted that your pelvic is stabilized in order to bring your spine in an upright position.

8 Headrest option optional

Easy pulling up or pushing down by grid setting. Individually adjustable inclination.

9 Armrests option optional

In height adjustable, Adjustable in width

The height of the armrest is to be adjusted, that your elbows rest parallel to the desk surface while they are placed on the armrest surfaces and therefore reduce the burden on the neck and shoulder region.

10 KÖHL® AIR-SEAT option optional

By pressing the comfort AIR valve, located behind the red dot, you can adjust the movement and the AIR volume of the seat to your personal requirements. If you press the valve while you are not sitting, the KÖHL® AIR-SEAT automatically fills with air. When you press the valve while sitting, the air escapes slowly so that you gently adjust your personal sitting comfort.

User informations

Attention! Changes and service concerning the seat height adjustment (gas lift) can only be done by authorized staff.
Application: This office swivel chair is designed for a user weight up to 135 kg and may only be used under the respect of the general duty of care. Improper use may cause a risk of accident.
Castors: Before first use and if necessary, pls. remove the transport protection. For your safety – according to safety regulations, there are different types of castors for different floorings: hard castors for soft flooring, soft castors for hard flooring.

The correct height of the desk 4 results from the height of the seat 1 and the armrests 2 . If your office is designed to ergonomical standards, the desk must be adjustable to your body length. Footrests can equalize desks that are too high, low desks must be adapted to your size.