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Ecolabel „EU Ecolabel“

The Community eco-label is based on the principle of a “global approach” that considers the lifecycle of the product from raw materials extraction, manufacturing, distribution, and use to recycling or disposal after use. The quality and use of the product are also considered.

The EU Ecolabel, the so-called "Flower", came into existence in 1992. The Ecolabel is the premier European award for products and services which meet the highest environmental standards. To qualify for Ecolabel, products have to comply with a tough set of criteria. These environmental criteria, set by a panel of experts from a number of stakeholders, including consumer organisations and industry, take the whole product life cycle into account – from the extraction of the raw materials, to production, packaging and transport, right through endusers use and then recycling.

The KÖHL cover fabrics URBAN, GO CHECK, GO UNI, RIVET, FAME, PATINA and BLAZER are awarded with the Ecolabel.