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Not just a chair

Most of us spend many hours sitting at our desks or in meetings, but often little thought goes into choosing the right chair. Family-run business Köhl has been developing and manufacturing top ergonomic seating furniture for over 40 years and are the leading experts to turn to.

A chair should be as comfortable as it is healthy. Given how damaging a bad chair is to our spine, it is only natural that we start paying attention to what we actually sit on. German company Köhl has long figured out the importance of high-quality chairs that are ergonomic and ecologically innovative.

Köhl’s various product lines include chairs for offices and conference rooms, lounge, swivel and multi-purpose chairs, and more. All chairs have been developed with the customer’s health requirements in mind and feature pure, timeless designs that add value to every professional environment.

As a leading European supplier, the key to Köhl’s success may lie in strictly following their corporate philosophy which places the highest value in their chairs’ function, design and ergonomics, but also promotes sustainability throughout. Using biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials as well as reducing the carbon footprint by working with regional production partners is just a small part of this philosophy.

It should come as no surprise that creations by Köhl are not only awarded various quality seals and eco labels but also win awards. This year the elegant Anteo Alu line won the prestigious Red Dot award for product design, an international prize for outstanding design quality.

The Anteo Alu swivel and conference chair range merges aesthetics with ergonomic perfection. With the high backrest, the chairs sport a distinctive silhouette that is emphasised by their sophisticated aluminium frame design.

The multitude of design options are a great advantage of the Anteo Alu. After all, everyone has individual needs so it is essential that the chair is adjustable to one’s personal seating preferences. Its ergonomic functionality can be increased even further using Köhl’s air seat, which optimises sitting and activates the low-laying back muscles.

Köhl manages to successfully combine functionality, health benefits, design and sustainability on all levels and can be proud to have achieved so much without compromising their core values. Their customers not only sit comfortably and support their health in the long term; they also support a company that takes social responsibility, which truly is the icing on the cake.

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